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My vision for The Real Estate Investing Diet (May 22′) is to demystify the world of real estate investing as a strategy to help readers increase their personal finances and dispel certain beliefs around investing. On a broader level, Epitome of The Mind (Apr 23′) & Escape The Entrapment of Debt (Jan 24′) continues the conversation by encouraging ways to improve financial security, mindset and how this is a positive path to personal joy, healing and uniting humankind. I am passionate about empowering people financially and helping set them on a path to be financially free, relishing in the happiness it brings others.


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Imagine having multiple business mentors and successful entrepreneurs provide you with the best business advice as you embark on your journey.


A mentor is great for individuals who want to accelerate financial freedom and want to bypass unnecessary mistakes. André will push you when you want to give up and call weekly to keep you accountable. Most financially independent or wealthy individuals have 3-5 mentors for different aspects of their lives.


André and his team put together three distinct home study and mentoring courses to lay the groundwork for your real estate goals…

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Real Estate Investing Diet

Whether you have a negative bank account or a million dollars in the bank to invest, this book will not be like any other real estate guide you’ve read before. André Stewart not only gives you every single tool to make money in any real estate economic climate, but he also does so while navigating an unprecedented modern economy. If you want to be financially free in an unparalleled time in the history of any country, this is the book for you.


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    Happy Customers

    Mark H

    Los Angeles, CA

    I met André over 8 years ago he started out as my banker, then friend and now business associate. He put me on the right track financially then and now has opened my eyes to long term wealth with real estate. We’ve done over a million dollars in deals together.


    Fresno, CA

    I didn’t know anything about real estate 2 years ago it was a foreign concept to me but working with Residual Roads and the mentors, they practiced patience and allowed me to grow at my own pace along with removing mental road blocks that prevent success.

    Kene W


    Working with André as my mentor has been invaluable I discovered it’s more than about real estate, he helped me to discover my purpose, how to create a plan and execute. Real estate and business are just tools he teaches you how to operate.

    Epitome of The Mind

    April 2023

    Being successful isn’t necessarily about where you grow up, how much money is passed down or what college you attend. It’s about how well you can program your mind. Even some of the most intelligent people don’t reach the levels in life they are capable of. Health, happiness and financial freedom are myths to some but available to all. Everyone has a mind which is used as a canvass for what we want to manifest, our job is to paint the picture of what we want.

    Coming Soon

    Escape The Entrapment of Debt


    The title speaks to the state of the world today but provides encouragement as it let’s us know there’s a way out. It is a must read for anyone who is tired of being enslaved to debt or to a 9-5.

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