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Investing Uncensored brings you a candid and unfiltered glimpse into the real life of professionals from all industries ranging from pro athletes, tech founders, real estate moguls to entertainers, who give tips on how they became financially independent or wealthy by investing. Whether it was mentally, physically or monetarily, they invested to get where they are today and share with André Stewart what started them on their journey to becoming an entrepreneur or choosing a particular career path as their main source of income.  Investing Uncensored talks about mindset and how that plays a huge part in your journey to success. New episodes typically air every other week.


Have you ever felt overwhelmed or depressed? Been homeless, unemployed, or on government assistance? That was André’s life path before entering the world of finance. But everything changed when at the age of thirty-three, his doctor ordered him to quit working at his high-level bank position, where he was an advisor to CEOs of startups, major tech companies, and high net worth individuals. The stress was literally killing him, leaving André on the brink of cardiac arrest.

André then discovered the knowledge of real estate investing, and was able to achieve financial independence in less than seven months in that industry. Today, André is the founder and CEO of Residual Roads Business Institute and InvestFar, the latter being the first mobile app that lets you purchase, renovate, sell, or mange an investment property remotely.

Podcast Episodes

FEB 8, 2021

by GameStop Frenzy Investing Plays Out Of Colombia | On this episode of Colombia and how you can make similar or better returns with real estate here, in the states or internationally.

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